FAQ sun protection screen system for cars and other vehicles.
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Do you have protective panelling for my car?
Yes, we stock Solarplexius window panels for most makes of vehicle on the market.

Does it make any difference which side is in or out?

Are there several colours available?

How dark are they?
Dark from the outside, lightly toned from the inside. It’s just like sunglasses, you can see out but not in.

Are the panels specially adapted for my model of car?
The panels have been specially cut so that they fit the vehicle make and year model you have ordered for.

If I place the panels in the rear-door windows, do the panels follow the window down when I lower the window?
No, the panels remain where they are but they are very easy to assemble and dismantle. If I have a tailgate with a window that can be opened, do the panels work with this type of window? Yes.

How long is the delivery period?
You should have your panels within a week, otherwise you should receive notification of another delivery time.

Do I need to make any special adaptations to the vehicle or damage it in any way in order to fit the panels?
 No, you do not need to do make any adaptations at all to your vehicle or damage it in any way in order to fit the panels.

Can I bend the panels as much as I like without them breaking?
Yes, you can bend them as much as you like.

How do I fit the mouldings that hold the panels in place?
 They are adapted to facilitate an easy fit for the various vehicle models.