Easy to fit sun protection in ready cut Polycarbonate

Mounting of Solarplexius windows

Fitting the sun protection

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Check that the delivered solarplexius panels match your car model.

Before fitting

Carefully wipe all windows in the car.

Wipe the solarplexius protective film on the panels with a lightly moist cloth, then slowly pull off the protective film to avoid static electricity. It's a good idea to use cotton gloves or wash your hands before fitting to prevent finger prints and grease stains.


When fitting the panels, they must usually be slightly bent to slide into the car's regular window trim. Note that the panes can be bent as much as necessary without breaking. There is no need to disassemble the interior fittings of the car.

After fitting

After fitting, remove the protective film from the tape attached to the enclosed plastic strips, then slide in the flat part of the enclosed strips between the pane and the lining, so that the thick part rests against the lining.

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The rising heat can quickly become dangerous to your dog in the car. With sun protection from Solarplexius, you'll reduce the temperature and make life easier for your four-legged friend. Read more

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