Easy and quick to fit sun protection

Easy and quick to fit sun protection

Solarplexius not only stops the sun from shining in, but prevents curious or light-fingered people from seeing what you have in the car. It considerably reduces the risk of break-ins, in case you should forget or leave something of value in the car. On the other hand, it does not prevent you from looking out, so you can retain complete control over what happens outside.

Another advantage is that driving in the dark becomes safer, as with Solarplexius you will not be blinded by headlights in your rear-view mirror. You are protected against strong light without it affecting your rear-view vision. In addition, your car will get a fresh and subdued appearance with Solarplexius.

As soon as the sun comes out, the temperature in the car begins to rise. At first it's nice, but as soon as the 25 degree line is passed it gets too warm, and at 30 degrees it becomes unbearable for both people and animals. It's worst in estate cars with large areas of glass through which the sun can shine in unhindered and the air inside quickly reaches temperatures like in a sauna.

However, with Solarplexius you can keep the sun out, as the system eliminates 90% of sunlight. The result is that the temperature rises significantly slower and remains much more comfortable.

Solarplexius has been on the market for over 20 years, and more than 200,000 satisfied users drive around on the roads of Europe. Solarplexius is crash tested by Swedish VTI and approved by German TUF


Tinted windows in the car?

With sun protection from Solarplexius it's easy to tint the windows of your car. It can be fitted in a matter of minutes. You don't need to worry about bubbles or troublesome gaps on your window panes. You order sun protection which matches exactly to your vehicle. When ordering, it's important to select the correct vehicle make, model and year model. This to ensure you'll get a product that fits precisely your car.


our sun protection is an excellent safety measure for your pets. Many of our customers are dog owners. This because our solution is an effective way of preventing high temperatures in the car.

Not just when the sun is shining.

With sun protection from Solarplexius you'll also get extra protection against thieves. Our sun protection is an effective way of reducing the view into the car, meaning that you cannot see what's inside the car.

Here you can order simple and easily fitted sun protection from Solarplexius.

Attention dog owners!

The rising heat can quickly become dangerous to your dog in the car. With sun protection from Solarplexius, you'll reduce the temperature and make life easier for your four-legged friend. Read more

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